Lots to see from XYZ Machine Tools at MACH 2022

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XYZ Machine Tools will have two stands at MACH and on the second stand (17-200) it will introduce the latest innovation in toolroom machining centres that it says will revolutionise the transition from bed mill to machining centres.

The two brand new and innovative groups of machining centres being showcased at MACH are the XYZ TMC (Toolroom Machining Centre) series and RMX 2-OP will enhance XYZ Machine Tools’ position as an innovator and driver of machining efficiency. The company will unveil both of these new machines on stand 17-200 at MACH 2022.

The four machines in the XYZ TMC range are fully equipped three-axis machining centres based on the already popular linear rail vertical machining centres from XYZ Machine Tools, and are available as 500, 750, 1000 and 1600 variants, with the number referencing the machine’s X-axis travel.

The second new machining centre the XYZ 2-OP machine is brought fully up to date with the latest RMX ProtoTRAK control.  With a footprint of just 775mm x 1,380mm and the ability to relocate it to anywhere in the machine shop that it is needed to relieve pressure on other machines by carrying out second operation work, the RMX 2-OP is a highly versatile and flexible machine tool.

The XYZ main stand (18-130) will not be short of new products with several machines making their UK exhibition debuts including the brand new XYZ SS 65 sub-spindle lathe, a first for XYZ Machine Tools and one that is generating lots of interest due to it capability and competitive pricing. Introduced due to demand from customers looking for increased productivity and reduced spindle downtime the XYZ SS 65 features a 16.5 kW, 4000 revs/min, main spindle with 65 mm bar capacity and 200 mm diameter chuck as standard; this is complemented by the 11 kW, 5000 revs/min, sub-spindle, with a 52 mm bore and 150 mm chuck.

The German-built Sauter 12-position turret has live tooling at every station, with 100 mm (+/- 50 mm) Y-axis travel. Contouring is facilitated by the C-axis on both spindles which are equipped with a brake to allow substantial milling cuts to take place. Maximum turned diameter is 380 mm and the Z-axis travel is 520 mm, providing a significant working envelope. Control is provided by the Siemens 828D ShopTurn 15 inch touchscreen control

Also making its MACH debut is the XYZ PROTURN RLX 780 lathe. While not new to the range the sheer scale of this machine has precluded it from being shown before. Weighing in at 8600 kgs the machine features a swing over the bed of 780 mm (1090 mm in the gap) and a distance between centres of 3000 mm. The spindle is powered by a 32 kW (43 hp) motor with the gearbox providing two speed ranges from a low of 20 revs/min through to 1300 revs/min. Control is from the latest RLX ProtoTRAK system with its touchscreen interface with its unique software features that allow the user to go from drawing to finished component in the shortest possible time, including Gesture Control; Constant Surface Speed; Electronic handwheels to generate tapers, radii and fillets manually;

Enhanced ProtoTRAK Assistant for on-board help at the touch of the screen; and the popular TRAKing feature, which uses handwheel movement to prove the program. The faster you wind the faster it machines. Stop or reverse the handwheel and the machine does the same.         

Other machines at MACH 2022 include the entry level ProtoTRAK mill, the KMX 2000, a selection of RMX ProtoTRAK bed mills and RLX ProTURN lathes, Linear rail and Heavy-duty and High Speed vertical machining centres will be well represented including an XYZ 1060 HS machine equipped with a Detron five-axis system. Turning centres on show will be the XYZ CT52 LR with linear rail technology and, the XYZ SS 65 sub spindle lathe. Completing the machine range on show will be the XYZ UMC-5X simultaneous five axis machining centre, which since its introduction has been very well received by customers across a range of industries. Providing a highly competitive package the XYZ UMC-5X continues to generate lots of interest.

If previous MACH exhibitions are anything to go by the XYZ Machine Tool stand will be extremely popular and while demonstrations are freely available, there will be times when all machines are busy. To overcome this the stand will also feature four stand-alone pendants with RLX and RMX ProtoTRAK control on them.

These will be available to highlight the ease of use of the ProtoTRAK system and emphasise how this control can simplify production and increase productivity and profitability as 10,000’s of existing users can testify to.

XYZ managing director Nigel Atherton explains: “Confidence within the engineering manufacturing sector continues to grow and this is reflected by the growing order book at XYZ Machine Tools. Invoiced sales and new orders for the first six months of its financial year show a strong recovery from the previous year and are now at pre-pandemic levels of 2019. The signs we are seeing are very encouraging and MACH will be the Litmus test of that confidence.”