Supply side: XYZ Machine Tools

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Last month, XYZ Machine Tools officially launched its latest machining range to the market – the XYZ TMC – at its Nuneaton showroom in the Midlands. Justin Burns went along to find out more

XYZ Machine Tools has always been sensitive and on the pulse to the needs of machine shops across the UK since its launch more than 35 years ago, bringing new machine tools to the market that cater and meet the demands of its customers, while allowing them to grow and develop their businesses.

The company launched its latest innovative machining range last month at its Nuneaton showroom in the shape of the ground-breaking four-model TMC (toolroom machining centre) that is targeting the toolroom environment.

It brings the added versatility of a toolchange system, while maintaining the familiarity of the latest version of the popular ProtoTRAK control system.

Speaking at the event, XYZ Machine Tools managing director Nigel Atherton explains that the new TMC range was something he asked for as far back in 1998, when he simply wanted a machining centre with a toolchanger and ProtoTRAK system – and it has finnally arrived in 2022.

He explains that the new machining centres are perfect for machine shops machining batches of one, two, 10 or 100 and the new range will be popular with existing ProtoTRAK users.

Atherton adds: “With over 15,000 ProtoTRAK controlled mills and lathes installed in the UK extending the use of this versatile, flexible and productivity enhancing control will be a relatively straightforward step for many toolroom, low volume production environments.

“Throughout the past 1-2 years we have continued to innovate, and these new developments will bring ProtoTRAK and XYZ Machine Tools to a wider audience.”

Essentially, the new TMC range of machines are the existing 2-OP and LR machines but now featuring the ProtoTRAK control and there is the option of having an electronic handwheel that can slide to the front of the vision panel.

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