Jainnher's JHPA-2003CNC lauded with sustainability award

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As a manufacturer of high precision grinding machine tools, Jainnher has always been at the forefront of technology and focussed on being a sustainable manufacturer. This is reinforced as for nearly 10 years, the manufacturing facilities 11,000+ square metre roof has been adorned with solar panels with a capacity of 999 kWp.

RK International Machine Tools, a leading UK name in precision grinding solutions, has shared that the cutting-edge Jainnher JHPA-2003CNC plunge angular cylindrical grinding machine has been bestowed with the coveted award as part of their machine tool development program.

This recognition is part of the “Energy Saving Label in Machine Tool Industry” initiative, organised by the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Association (TMBA) in collaboration with the TMTS 2024 exhibition.

A Milestone in Sustainability.

The "Silver Energy Saving Label" award marks a significant milestone in Jainnher's commitment to sustainable energy conservation. At RK International, we believe that innovation and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

Discover the energy-saving features of the Jainnher JHPA-2003CNC plunge angular cylindrical grinding machine:

  1. Compact grinding footprint:

A FANUC CNC control powers the fully enclosed Jainnher machine with LEV and has a 200mm diaemter x 300mm component grinding capacity and an 80kg work head load.

  1. Plunge & Angular approach:

A plunge-type feed approach with a 60-degree angular wheel allows for simultaneous grinding of OD and shoulders in the same grinding cycle. This dual functionality streamlines the process, saving time and enhancing efficiency and optimised Material Removal Rates.

  1. Grease-Lubricated Bearings for Reduced Carbon Emissions:

The JHPA-2003CNC's grinding wheel spindle incorporates grease-lubricated bearings, effectively minimising carbon emissions associated with external lubrication and cooling systems.

  1. Intelligent Standby Mode for Reduced Power Consumption:

During idle periods, the system can be seamlessly switched to an energy-saving standby mode, significantly reducing motor power consumption.

  1. High-Efficiency IE3 and IE4 Motors:

Jainnher machines proudly adopt high-efficiency, energy-saving IE3 and IE4 motors, ensuring optimal performance while minimising energy usage.

  1. Servo System for Axial Movement:

The axial movement motors utilise a sophisticated servo system, minimising energy wastage and enhancing overall efficiency.

  1. Streamlined Gap Control System:

The gap control system reduces energy consumption during the grinding process by minimising idle strokes, contributing to productivity and sustainability.

  1. Precision In-Process Measurements:

Automatic in-process gauging devices ensure that workpiece dimensions meet stringent requirements, preventing material defects and reducing energy waste.

  1. Smart Energy Management System:

The JHPA-2003CNC is equipped with an advanced "Smart Energy Management System," which allows real-time monitoring of energy consumption and carbon emissions.

“RK International Machine Tools has enjoyed a 30+ year relationship with JAINNHER in the supply and support of grinding machines to the UK and Irish markets,” said Simon Rood, general manager at RK.

“With multiple Jainnher installations, both RK and our customer base are already aware of the reliability and potential of the JAINNHER product range. Working towards a future green supply chain for manufacturing and machine tools reinforces JAINNHER as a market leader” concluded Rood.

Energy saving label in the machine tool industry

The machine tool industry aims to develop and apply energy-saving and carbon-reducing technologies in response to global changes and the need for sustainable practices.

In 2022, a key initiative from the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Association (TMBA) recognised the importance of environmental responsibility. It took proactive steps to promote green transformation within the industry.

Later that year, the TMBA completed the "Handbook on Sustainable Operation of the Machine Tool Industry in Response to Carbon Reduction."

TMTS 2024 hosted the Green Machine Tool Energy Saving Label Assessment. This initiative encourages machine tool and accessory builders to actively invest in research and development of green energy-saving technologies and applications.

Additionally, it promotes the adoption of international energy-saving standards (ISO). It enhances the willingness of TMBA members to invest in green technologies or green manufacturing processes. By observing the green transformation experiences of participating manufacturers, the goal is to achieve a green supply chain for machine tools.