Hardinge Leicester and Exeter facilities get new roles

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Hardinge’s Leicester and Exeter facilities are to be given a new focus and separate ‘spheres of influence’ .

Under the new arrangement, effective from January 2007, the company’s Leicester facility, as well as maintaining its global ‘Centre of Excellence’ position for The Hardinge Group’s milling operations, will be the centre for all UK machine tool sales (including UK exports), applications and technical support, after-sales and service and will also become the location for Hardinge’s UK distribution and logistics operations and the company’s demonstration facilities. Hardinge’s Exeter facility will house the company’s human resources, finance, accounting and administration departments – as well as being the hub for all Hardinge’s workholding business (itself estimated to be worth over £1 million per year). The plans are enshrined in Phase 2 of Hardinge’s UK Corporate Strategy and are intended to increase sales and improve both customer service and operational efficiencies. Hardinge is experiencing a dramatic upturn in the sale of its lathes, machining centres and grinding machines within the UK, all brought about by the implementation, over the last two years of the company’s Phase 1 Corporate Strategy. This strategy, which included the acquisition and integration of Bridgeport, the move to new premises in Leicester, the creation of a unified and focused sales team etc has helped reposition the company and provide the solid foundations for the company’s continuing growth and success. "Our Phase 1 Strategy has worked well, the timing is now right to implement Phase 2 of our strategy," said David Andrew, sales and marketing director at Hardinge.