Filtermist goes beyond oil mist filters at MACH (stand 5044)

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Industrial air filtration specialist Filtermist will be showcasing its wide-ranging expertise at MACH 2016.

Although known for its compact oil mist filters, the company also offers a number of other products and services to UK customers.

Director of sales, Stuart Plimmer, says: “MACH is an excellent opportunity to highlight the full extent of our capabilities. Our business is based on manufacturing robust products that effectively remove oil mist from workshop environments, but we also have a wealth of expertise in a number of associated areas.

“All of the products and services we offer are designed to help protect people by ensuring cleaner, safer workshops, as well as reducing production downtime. From machine operators to workshop managers, everyone benefits.”

As the UK distributor for sister company Absolent AB, Filtermist supplies the full range of Absolent dust, fume, oil mist and smoke filtration units; its engineers are accredited by Absolent to service systems to ensure they maintain optimum efficiency.

Filtermist also provides a bespoke central systems service. Systems ranging from one filtration unit connected to multiple pick-up points, to many units removing different types of contaminant, have been specified, designed, installed and commissioned for a growing number of customers.

Dedicated trading division Direct Filtration, first launched at MACH 2014, has gone from strength to strength over the past two years as sales have increased by 17%. Direct Filtration specialises in supplying a range of non-woven filter materials and filter rolls, backed by extensive industry expertise to ensure customers are using the best products for their specific requirements.

Product manager, Grant Tyrer, comments: “Using the right filtration products can bring a number of benefits including longer coolant life, better surface finish for components and reduced costs, as well as providing cleaner working environments.

“We offer free process improvement reviews to identify any areas where changes could be made to help production managers achieve their goals – an approach which is highly valued by our customers.”

Filtermist will also be reminding MACH visitors that it offers full service provision, air monitoring and LEV testing for all makes and models of LEV [local exhaust ventilation] equipment – not just Filtermist and Absolent units.

Continues Plimmer: “Regular maintenance is important for all machinery to ensure it operates as intended at all times. Our service engineers cover the whole of the UK and provide digital reports to make administration easier. As COSHH regulations require most LEV systems to be tested at least once every 14 months, our service makes it simple for customers to remain compliant and be able to prove it.”