EOS additive machines at MACH

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EOS will show two new Additive Manufacturing (AM) machines at MACH.

The first is the M400 (for metal parts) and the second is the P396 (for plastic parts). Where the M400 is exciting is in its ability to produce high volumes of parts out of metal powder. The basic model will be available in the spring of 2014, but an extension to the machine to automatically 'unpack' manufactured items will be available later on in the year. It's this extension will lead to the higher volumes of manufacturing. This is because it will move components and residual powder out of the process chamber so the next stage of manufacturing can start. The excess powder on the manufactured parts will quickly be cleaned away by programmable rotation and vibration. The first M400 machines to go on sale will initially be able to make parts out of Aluminium AlSi10Mg and NickelAlloy IN718 and are therefore suited for parts to in automotive and aerospace sectors. Below is an image of the kind of intricate shapes that an additive machine can make.
Companies looking for an M400 machine to make parts in tool steel or titanium will be pleased to hear they are in development. From 2015, the company is planning to offer the M400-4 machine, with the '-4' meaning it will have four lasers. This will further boost the speed of manufacturing. The second AM system to be shown at MACH will be the EOS P396 for making parts from plastic powders. This has a faster re-coater than the predecessor machine - the EOSINT P395. The P396 also has a new pyrometer, which measures the temperature of the powder surface continually, so the finished parts come out more stable and reliable. Cost savings of some 30% per part are achievable, compared with the system's predecessor too, says EOS.
The P396 (pictured above and a part it has made for a model helicopter shown below) will use two types of plastic powder - 2200 and PrimePart PLUS (PA 2221) – and these will be commercially available from April 2014. Further materials will follow in several stages until all of the powders approved for the old EOSINT P395 are available for the P396.
EOS will be in Hall 4 on Stand 4660.