DMG to spotlight laser deposition welding at Formnext 2019

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At this year’s Formnext exhibition in Frankfurt (19-22 November), DMG Mori will be demonstrating its holistic expertise in additive manufacturing, as highlighted by the world premiere of the LaserTec 125 3D hybrid laser deposition welding system. In addition, the company will demonstrate its prowess in powder-bed processes via the second generation LaserTec 30 SLM and the LaserTec 12 SLM. A third generation DMU 50 will also be on display, supplementing the additive process chain to include CNC machining.

With the LaserTec 125 3D hybrid, DMG Mori has expanded its laser deposition welding portfolio to include a model for the maintenance, repair and production of significantly larger parts.

Based on the company’s monoBLOCK platform, the machine is designed for components measuring up to 1,250 mm in diameter by 745 mm long, with a workpiece weight of up to 2,000 kg. Thanks to rigid machine construction and high dynamics, customers can expect build rates and repeatability normally associated with CNC metal-cutting machines.

The newly developed ‘AM Assistant’ is part of the LaserTec 125 3D hybrid offer. Specifically, the machine’s hardware includes an integrated thermal imaging camera for continuously monitoring the entire working area. The AM Assistant also includes AM Evaluator software for intelligent downstream evaluation of 3D process data.

Another highlight at the show will be powder-bed technology in the form of the latest LaserTec 30 SLM, with its large build chamber of 300 by 300 by 300 mm, and the LaserTec 12 SLM, which offers high levels of precision thanks to its focal spot diameter of just 35 micron. Measuring 125 by 125 by 200 mm, the LaserTec 12 SLM has the biggest build chamber in its class.

A feature that all LaserTec SLM machines have in common is powder change using the rePLUG powder module. On one hand, the closed powder circuit ensures a high level of work safety and, on the other, the powder can be easily changed within two hours, which DMG Mori says makes it the fastest system on the market.

Elsewhere on the DMG Mori stand there will be focus on providing both additive and subtractive manufacturing on a single platform.

The LaserTec 3D hybrid series is designed for the additive manufacturing of complex prototypes and small series parts, as well as for the repair and coating of components. These machines enable both additive manufacturing and CNC milling to take place on one machine for the production of 3D components in finished-part quality. The portfolio still includes the LaserTec 65 3D, which is geared solely towards laser deposition welding as a complement to existing machining centres on a shop floor. The LaserTec SLM series expands the portfolio to include the powder-bed method using selective laser melting (SLM). Thanks to the combination of additive manufacturing technologies with conventional CNC machines, such as the latest DMU 50 that will be on show at Formnext, DMG Mori says it has realised individual, needs-based process chains.

DMG Mori has underlined its holistic process thinking by extending the company’s range of DMG Mori Qualified Products (DMQP) to peripheral and accessory components for additive manufacturing. The main focus is on open powder selection and having a qualified, integrated powder circuit. Powder return and recycling with selected DMQP partners provides an economical way of processing expensive powder materials.

A competent DMQP partner has been acquired in this area in the form of Hanau, Germany-based Heraeus, which offers a comprehensive powder portfolio that meets strict quality standards. DMG Mori has also conclusively validated these standards on a LaserTec SLM powder-bed machine.

The wide range of materials in the DMG Mori web shop extends from tool steel and stainless steel, through aluminium and cobalt chromium, to Inconel and titanium, meaning that almost any requirement in the target industries can be covered, worldwide, within just a few working days. All powder is marked with a DMQP seal of quality and ready to use.

The company will also use Formnext to showcase its ‘my DMG Mori’ customer portal for higher levels of transparency, quality and speed in all service processes. Here, DMG Mori brings together its future-oriented initiatives ‘Integrated Digitization’, ‘First Quality’ and ‘Customer First’. The result is an online portal for interactive co-operation between the company and its customers.

Among other things, service requests can in future be started virtually at the press of a button via ‘my DMG Mori’; the interactive request form preventing any misunderstandings. Specific service requests and the option of attaching photos or videos immediately reach the right DMG Mori service expert, while the ‘Tracking & Tracing’ function ensures transparency for all service processes and procedures. Even orders for spare parts can be tracked to the minute.

Last but not least, based on the company’s five-point ‘Economic Stimulus Programme’, DMG Mori is able to provide its customers with economical long-term support in the areas of training, service and machine technology. All measures complement one another and are from a single source.

The programme, which is available in Europe, includes a machine buyback option to ease cash flow, risk-free financing models from DMG Mori Finance, training courses in which the DMG Mori Academy provides more know-how for users, the DMG Mori Full-Service package for trouble-free production, and machine overhaul by DMG Mori Used Machines as an alternative to a new purchase.