Dawson Shanahan invests in custom grinding from Earlsdon Technology

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Dawson Shanahan, supplier of cold formed and machined components, is investing over £0.75 million in grinding and degreasing technology at its factory in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

Specifically, Dawson Shanahan will be investing in a new CNC grinding centre, custom built in the UK by Coventry-based Earlsdon Technology (also known as E-Tech), plus component preparation and finishing systems, which together will form an integrated grinding cell. "We already have extensive cold forming and machining facilities at our factories in Potters Bar and Welshpool, but now need to add further capacity to meet growing demand from our customers in a variety of markets. This is a significant level of investment, both in new production systems and in additional staff; indeed, we are looking to expand our workforce by around 10 per cent, with the recruitment of six new engineers and quality control specialists," said Les Reeves, Dawson Shanahan's joint managing director. Dawson Shanahan's investment also includes installing a high volume degreasing line and is part of the company's long term expansion programme coming at a time of increased orders, especially from customers in the medical, automotive and aerospace sectors. Earlsdon Technology has been designing and building special-purpose machine tools and automation since 1993. They are based at a new factory in Coventry and 60 per cent of Earlsdon's machines are exported, with customers in Europe, North and South America, South Africa, the Middle East, South-East Asia, China and India.