CGTech shows new and improved Vericut at MACH (stand 4021)

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The latest version of Vericut CNC machine simulation, verification and optimisation software, version 7.4, will be featured on CGTech’s stand.

Vericut simulates the CNC machining process for large, small, simple or complex parts and all types of CNC machining, including drilling and trimming of composite parts, water jet, robots and mill/turn. It operates standalone, but can also be integrated with all leading CAM systems.

Vericut 7.4 includes many enhancements that further simplify the process of simulating a CNC machine. Changes to how users interact with Vericut further improve Vericut’s workflow and simplify day-to-day NC programming and simulation use.

First, Vericut’s desktop is enhanced with a new docking method enabling Vericut’s desktop to be configured in the most efficient manner. Additionally, the status window is completely redesigned for better viewing, customisation and size. The Favourites feature has been enhanced to automatically read all sub-folders in a directory. There is also a new welcome screen allowing access to popular features, samples and help.

Second, a new tool bar provides easy access to all features needed to create and maintain tool libraries, create/modify tool assemblies, import tool assemblies and create or import OptiPath records. Also, in the tool list, tool components now have a parent/child hierarchy allowing for better tool assembly management and modification. All tool definition windows have been redesigned to make tool definition easier. Vericut 7.4 ships with a library of common tools and also features seamless connectivity with Kennametal’s NOVO, Iscar’s IQCloud, and other tooling suppliers via the Machining Cloud, making it very quick and simple to add new tools to a simulation session.

Machine movements can also be simulated while stepping or playing backwards in VERlCUT‘s review mode. With Vericut Reviewer, shopfloor personnel, suppliers, customers, and other production engineers can view animations of the CNC machining process. It is a stand-alone viewer that does not use a license to play machining operations forward and backward. At MACH 2016 CGTech will have a Vericut Reviewer demo bar, featuring the Reviewer PC version on both laptops and Windows tablets, plus demonstrations of the iPad Reviewer app. Visitors to the stand can take advantage of live demos as well as the opportunity to get a hands-on trial of Reviewer themselves.