Workholding: Precision clamping

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Slovakian workholding manufacturer Sinco’s innovative MultiZero products are now available in the UK market. We find out more about the innovative clamping technology

A recent new innovative addition to the UK workholdingmarket is the modular range of zero-point products manufactured by Slovakian firm – Sinco – which are now available from 1st Machine Tool Accessories (1st MTA).

The versatile MultiZero stands out as it incorporates more zero points than any other – up to 273 in a single solution – and can be used to clamp parts on a machining centre, die-sink or wire-erosion EDM machine, measuring machine or assembly station.

Zero-point positioning is achieved by virtue of centring elements on the underside of the pallets and clamping fixtures that precisely match an array of conical zero-point locations at 50 or 100mm centres across the entire surface of the base plates and pallets.

MultiZero is a clamping system that includes an innovatively designed base plate, clamping pallets and clamping accessories such as risers, vises, stoppers, etc. It represents a completely new concept of clamping the workpiece on a pallet or a vise system and connecting the clamped workpiece with the base plate through the conical design structure of the base plate and the centering elements of MultiZero devices.


The Sinco MultiZero clamping system aims to ensure productivity, flexibility, accuracy, and repeatability. The system is capable of multiplying processing on individual machining centres and achieves repeatability of clamping the workpiece with a 5-micrometer accuracy level.

Additionally, the system’s modular design allows for further development of clamping functionalities, providing exceptional flexibility for individualised clamping options.

The key parameter for the processing strategy is the zero point of the clamping system, which MultiZero significantly increases on the machining surface, allowing positioning of the workpiece on any part of the machining table and enabling the positioning of an arbitrary number of workpieces.

Sinco says that it offers the “most zero points among clamping systems on the market”, covering practically the entire working surface of the machine with zero points, providing equal clamping options and qualities throughout the machine’s working surface.

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