The Advanced Machinery and Productivity Institute - mechanical thinking

The Advanced Machinery and Productivity Institute (the AMP Institute) is a new initiative, currently in its formative stage, that will fill a missing hole in the UK’s innovation landscape. It aims to exploit one of the country’s deep wells of expertise – mechanical machine building – but marry it to Industry 4.0 technologies to develop machines for future products and processes. Andrew Allcock has more on the background to this significant development

“The AMP Institute does not seek to return the UK to a nostalgic former state that tries to compete like-for-like with other competitive countries that we tend to buy from; instead, we’re seeking to create the environment where the UK will lead the world in development and supply of next-generation intelligent and agile machinery,” underlines Gareth Edwards, National Physical Laboratory (NPL). He is the organisation’s strategy lead for industrial digitalisation and works in NPL’s Strategy Directorate, looking at what the operation needs to be doing to support industry over the next five to 20+ years.

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