Supply side: Hurco Open House

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Hurco UK held an open house last month where it showed off the latest machine tools it offers the market like the VM ONE and BX60i. In total there was 12 machines on display and cutting metal

Open houses have returned, and boy have they been welcomed with open arms. That was the case in high Wycombe from 6-7 October when Hurco held an open for new and existing customers, where it showed off some machines for the first time in the UK.

Talking to Machinery, managing director David Waghorn says it was one of the most successful open houses in its history with the highest number of pre-registrations that he has ever seen.

He adds: β€œIt feels great, there is nothing like talking to customers face-to-face and seeing all the sales guys who have been working remotely. It is amazing what comes out of the discussions too and it is an absolute pleasure to see people here and enjoy their company.”

As for how business has been in general, Waghorn notes it has been surprisingly good, but very patchy. He adds: β€œI think we have gone through the last 18 months when it felt the world was going to end and then there have been periods where we have been so busy.

"Our financial year ends at the end of October and this year will be amongst the best years we have ever had. 2018 was our best year, but this year will be better than both 2019 and 2020. It is good, not fantastic, but we are very optimistic for 2022 as well.”

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