FANUC FIELD - Uptime focus

After its first release in Japan back in 2017 FANUC’s Industry 4.0/Internet of Things (IoT) platform now seems ready to enter a new stage (or: new territories). After some delays to the original timeline, at EMO this year, it said that a now more fully formed eco-system will get its European debut this coming year. So, with its imminent arrival, Andrew Allcock has the detail

FANUC is the world’s largest supplier of CNC units and one of the largest global supplier of industrial robots. The company delivered its first NC unit in 1958, its first robots in 1974. FANUC has already installed more than 590,000 industrial robots worldwide. It also makes machine tools (wire-cut EDM, machining centres, high precision turning) and plastic injection moulding machines. Monthly production capacity at its site in Japan is up to 35,000 CNCs, 190,000 servo-motors plus 119,000 servo-amplifiers, 11,000 robots and 3,500 machines. The £5.2bn turnover industrial giant claims to have more than 22.5 million products installed worldwide.

If the future is a connected world, then FANUC has certainly got plenty of kit to connect using its FANUC Intelligent Edge Link and Drive – FIELD – system.

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