Custom precision

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Lamb Engineering manufactures everything from washers to propellers but has now completed a bespoke side project, with two of its engineers working on a speedway style motorcycle that has recently won a coveted award on the European continent

UK precision engineering is among the finest in the world, that there can be no doubt about, and across the country some of the most skilled engineers are working on a variety of projects that sometimes hardly seem fathomable.

Among them is Salisbury-based subcontract machining and fabrication firm Lamb Engineering that like many in the UK, was founded in a garage back in 1988, not with the intention of starting a business, but to build a model steam engine. Although the engine was never built, items manufactured since, have included everything from washers to propellers.

The company specialises in small batch and one-off jobs, often to a customer’s specific needs and, it has several of its own designs ranging from padlock to propellers, all designed in-house, but their expertise stretches far and wide.

A project that has just come to fruition and led to acclaim on the European continent is a bespoke motorcycle. M00 as it is called, was designed and manufactured by Lamb Engineering engineers Jordan Hicks and Larry Houghton.

The bike recently won Best in Show at the highly-acclaimed Bigtwin Bikeshow competition in the Netherlands that took place in November 2022 – which is regarded as one of the biggest shows in Europe for custom bike building.

The bike is called M00, as it is the machine code for programme stop and considering the time it took to build – two and a half years – the engineers considered it very apt. It was a part-time project at Lamb Engineering and was worked on by Larry and Jordan for around 2000-2500 hours.

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