ProFeeder Light is the entry-level product, which comprises a basic standalone unit with one manually removable component tray offering capacity for up 780 parts, depending on their size. Suitable for use with most CNC machines, ProFeeder Light can handle a variety of parts up to 10 kg in weight. The system can be expanded to incorporate additional functions such as turning, deburring and cleaning.

Next in the range is ProFeeder, which comes complete with two movers and two component trays. The mover is a modular cart that, when placed in the robot cell, automatically centres the component tray. When the parts have been processed, the first mover and tray are replaced by the second mover with unprocessed components.

Interchangeable perforated plates in the component trays ensure that the CNC machine can be fed with all types of parts. The plates can be replaced with thin plate feeding for operations such as edge bending or even a custom feeding solution. In the event of unscheduled downtime, ProFeeder automatically sends a text alert to the operator.

The third option is ProFeeder Multi, which introduces a lift module that automatically presents trays to the machine for parts to be processed; capacity is eight trays. ProFeeder Multi makes it possible to run a fully automated four-shift operation or even lights out production. Manual input is limited to machine supervision, pre-filling the component trays and replacing the mover at the end of the fourth shift.

All ProFeeder systems can be quickly moved to a new station with a pallet truck. Set-up is easy and fast as it only requires connection to electricity and compressed air. The system’s compact design allows it to be used with most types of processing or production machine, while the robot arm can be fixed on three sides of the cell.