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Amada fibre laser tech

​Amada has unveiled two advanced technologies to boost laser cut quality: Silky Cut Fibre and Gas Mixer.

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Hainbuch Vario Flex

​Hainbuch now offers users of its Mini Series, or the earlier Toplus or Spanntop chucks, the Vario Flex end-stop system, a pneumatic workpiece ejector that pushes the workpiece out of the chuck automatically - it joins ...

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BOFA - Industry 4.0

​Laser fume extraction specialist BOFA has upgraded its remote diagnostics capability by adding cloud connection to better support real-time monitoring.

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Is manufacturing ready for 5G?

Steed Webzell provides an update on 5G, the fifth generation of mobile telephony, and its potential impact on robot communications and wider manufacturing

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Optimised to perfection

Starrag Group’s ‘Turbine Technology Days’ annual gathering does what it says on the tin. If turbine blade or blisk machining is your interest, this is right on target, and aerospace is a central theme. Andrew Allcock ...

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Studer round-up - new technology & Industry 4.0

​Andrew Allcock travelled to Switzerland to attend the company’s annual event and catch up on business and technology developments. Industry 4.0 was the main theme, although new machines were imminent, but kept under ...

The nuts & bolts of Industry 4.0 - Mazak

​Andrew Allcock looks at the detail of the reality of Industry 4.0 data analytics for a Mazak customer, detailing the needs and some of the benefits of easily applied system components suitable for SMEs

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Max Fac; Max Fallacy

​Conservative ‘hard’ Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) is trotting around telling interviewers that there is an “easy” technical solution (in support of so-called Max Fac) to the customs issue after we leave the ...