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Beam control in spotlight

The latest additions to Amada’s ENSIS series of laser cutting machines, utilising the company’s own AJ fibre laser engine with proprietary beam control technology, will be in the spotlight at EuroBLECH 2018 (22-26 ...

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Theorem supports CATIA V5 R28

Theorem Solutions has released its latest Visualize 3D Adapter for CATIA V5 to Creo View users supporting up to and including CATIA V5-6R2014-2018. For those that need to work with, or share, visualisation data as part ...

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Enhanced grades for HRSAs

Tungaloy is expanding its AH8000 series of insert grades for turning heat-resistant superalloys (HRSAs). Newly developed positive geometries (including CPMT and VBMT) with a corner radius of 0.2 mm have been added to ...

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Continuing innovation at Group Rhodes

​On the wall of the boardroom at the company’s headquarters is a patent grant dating from 1859 for “improvement to steam hammer” – Joseph Rhodes, as the company then was, went on to make steam hammers from 1862. That ...

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At the micron level - EDM

GF Machining Solutions hosted its GF Solutions Days Europe 2018 event during April. The company revealed latest news and product information, with EDM developments among them

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Is manufacturing ready for 5G?

Steed Webzell provides an update on 5G, the fifth generation of mobile telephony, and its potential impact on robot communications and wider manufacturing

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Optimised to perfection

Starrag Group’s ‘Turbine Technology Days’ annual gathering does what it says on the tin. If turbine blade or blisk machining is your interest, this is right on target, and aerospace is a central theme. Andrew Allcock ...

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Studer round-up - new technology & Industry 4.0

​Andrew Allcock travelled to Switzerland to attend the company’s annual event and catch up on business and technology developments. Industry 4.0 was the main theme, although new machines were imminent, but kept under ...