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Walter milling cutter news

​Walter AG has released a number of milling tooling developments, all designed to generate a raft of cost-savings and improved process integrity benefits for users across all industry sectors:

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Amada fibre laser-punch combo

Positioned between the company’s existing entry-level and premium machines, it boasts a number of innovations that help to minimise operator input. For instance, as standard the machine comes with an automatic nozzle ...

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Iemca Maestro 80 bar feeder

​Iemca has introduced a new bar feeder designed to maximise productivity during unattended turning and mill-turning of larger diameter components in single-spindle, fixed-head lathes.

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Engineered commodities

​What is a commodity? It is something that is so standard, reliable and trusted that it is purchased without much, if any, consideration of any of its many technical or other attributes. And they are typically ...

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Not business as usual

An Italy-based metal and plastic parts subcontractor is forging a new path in a traditional industry by being online-led, fronted by instant quote software and delivering parts globally in a matter of days. Andrew ...

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Polished performance

EU project SYMPLEXITY for human/robot collaborative polishing has developed technology to replace manual effort. And, via partner Autodesk, this may lead to polishing becoming a capability of metalcutting machine tools. ...

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Bridging the competency gap

​Steed Webzell recently visited the Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills for metalforming & foundry skills. He explains what sets this newly-created training provision apart from so many others (first published in ...

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Real-world application of Industry 4.0

​At its plant in Hoechstadt, Germany, global automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler has put a machine tool into operation that demonstrates how Industry 4.0 actually works in practice. Plus, digital twins & ...