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SLM Solutions Group constructs new factory with 500 machine single-shift capacity

Germany-headquartered, GE Aviation-owned additive manufacturing machine specialist SLM Solutions Group AG is constructing a new factory that will have single-shift capacity to build 500 machines/year.

The company (UK agent Laser Lines) reported that it took orders in 2016 for 130 machines, 28 more than in 2015, with consolidated revenue climbing 22% - 86.3 % of its revenue linked to sales of its selective ...
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TLM Laser to represent IPG in UK and Ireland
Event set to demonstrate massive benefits of novel CAM and cutting strategies in 5-axis machining
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Feeler FTC slant-bed lathe range from TDT Technology

Available in the UK and Ireland from official importer, sales distributor and sales agent TDT Technology is the Feeler range of FTC turning centres ...  Read More

Holroyd Precision slashes Roots-blower air-end flute machining

Holroyd Precision has developed a revolutionary new CNC profile milling machine that can both produce helical rotors and straight-fluted components ...  Read More

KASTO storage tower for sheet metal is compact and economical

KASTO has introduced a new tower to provide a compact, standardised solution for automated storage and retrieval of pallets and flat material.  Read More

ITC extends long reach aluminium milling line

The Cyber Series of end mills from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has been extended with new developments added to the 3051 Series. The long ...  Read More

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TLM Laser to represent IPG in UK and Ireland

TLM Laser is to be responsible for the sales, marketing, installation and servicing of IPG’s comprehensive range of laser cutting and welding systems ...  Read More

Demonstrating the future - Bosch Industry 4.0 demonstrator

The Factories of the Future Expo exhibition held in Manchester last month (April), at the Central Convention Complex, was the showcase for a number ...  Read More

Coolant mist extractors now offered by MacInnes Tooling

MacInnes Tooling has added the Japan-made Mistresa range of coolant mist extractors to its range  Read More

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Solid efforts

A 2,000 m2 forming scale-up centre for industry and academia scheduled to open in August is just the latest development of a Brunel University London institute that wants to change the UK’s industrial supply chain through improved light metal solidification. Will Dalrymple visited

Metal to be machined starts life in molten form, is then solidified, or cast, into a billet or other shape. Many metals undergo further treatment processes – forging or rolling, for example – to improve their properties prior ...
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Gühring UK - geared up for growth
Large titanium part casting at AMRC Castings
Demonstrating the future - Bosch Industry 4.0 demonstrator

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