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AWI breaks £10m sales barrier

Major new orders to supply into the aerospace, petrochemical and nuclear sectors have helped Alloy Wire International (AWI) hit the £10m barrier for ...

Sumitomo makes new appointment

Andrew Pearce has been recruited by Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal to represent tool sales and customer support in the Leicester to North Yorkshire area.

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Latest products

Hypertherm’s ProNest 2019

​Hypertherm’s ProNest 2019 is a major version update of it’s the company’s advanced CADCAM nesting software for automated cutting. This new release contains more than a dozen new features and enhancements designed to ...

Grooving bores - Horn

​German tooling manufacturer Horn has introduced two grooving systems bore machining. System 209 is intended for bores of diameter 16 mm and above, while system 216 machines bores greater than or equal to 20 mm diameter.

WorkNC 2018 R2

​The latest release of Vero Software’s WorkNC CADCAM solution for machining complex geometries, WorkNC 2018 R2, will keep users at the cutting edge of technology, says brand manager Miguel Johann.

Latest features

Tour de force

Every five years, or so, tooling giant ISCAR unveils a major package of developments, revealed via a number of global roadshows fronted by company president Jacob Harpaz. Andrew Allcock was in the audience and reports ...

A force to be reckoned with

The AMRC recently provided a progress update on its part in the EU’s Twin-Control project that is seeking to develop a holistic simulation model for machining. Steed Webzell listened in

A helping robotic hand at Hepco

An established manufacturer of slide systems, Hepco is on a world-class manufacturing journey, part of which has seen the introduction of cobots to its Devon manufacturing facility. Andrew Allcock called by to find out ...

Clever little things

Linear development of technology, in terms of metalcutting machines and tools, tends towards faster, more accurate and increasingly better price-performance ratios. The departure from linear development occurs ...

Smarter cuts

The combined development of new cutting techniques, cutting tools and supporting CADCAM/CNC software cycles saw an uptick in activity last year. Andrew Allcock reviews the developments, highlighting the benefits claimed ...

What's at the show?

​We are just three months away from the UK’s premier manufacturing technologies event, MACH 2018. Andrew Allcock has this Industry 4.0 primer for exhibition visitors