The latest Leitz Reference CMMs are compatible with the ‘Future Ready’ cabling system, developed to offer optical as well as tactile measurement through the Senmation universal sensor interface. This enables seamless sensor interchange for automated measurement routines combining multiple measurement methods. Future Ready allows the Senmation upgrade from Hexagon to be fitted at any time and need not be specified at the point of purchase.

The updated CMMs are also now compatible with the Pulse real-time monitoring system, which provides environment traceability to ensure data integrity whilst improving safety and security during the measurement process. Real-time monitoring of the metrology environment provides actionable information for technicians to reconcile against changes in condition to support root cause analysis.

In addition to the internal technology updates, a new ceramic ram, optimised for more robust performance, has been added. Offering excellent scanning performance, this technology has been proven in use with the LeitzPMM-C line, the most accurate CMMs in the Hexagon range. The new Leitz Reference design also features easily visible messaging lights, enabling at-a-glance monitoring of the machine condition.

Says Lukas Kaps, product manager for the ultra-high accuracy CMM line at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence: “We are continuously working to make ultra-high accuracy measurement better than ever for our customers. Our goal with this latest upgrade to the Leitz Reference CMMs was to increase their adaptability to different applications, futureproofing them against changes in customer requirements whilst optimising operating performance.”