The Datron M10 Pro's HSC Pro control system delivers up to 40,000 rpm on the machine's 3 kW spindle. With spindle power optimisation and HSK tool holding technology it is said to deliver concentricity levels better than 2 microns. Software enhancements coupled with the high power AC servo control system for a fast drive interface also boost cutting speeds and therefore productivity potential. The Datron M10 Pro is driven by an industry compatible Microsolt Windows PC and does not require previous CNC experience. It provides responsive, intuitive menu-driven programming from the keyboard and mouse-operated integrated workstation. An ergonomically designed hand-held control unit is also provided. The small footprint machine has a 1,040 by 900 mm machining table with 1,020 by 830 mm X and Y axes movements. It is fitted with Heidenhain linear glass scales with 0.5 micron resolution giving positioning accuracy of 5 micron repeating to 2.5 micron. The versatility of the M10 Pro can be further enhanced by the addition of a Datron DST 135 mm faceplate diameter rotary table. This gives the machine a 5-axis cutting capability that allows all axes to be operated simultaneously. A cut-out on the table facilitates retrofitting. Cutting speed, material removal dynamics and accuracy levels are unchanged. Following jobs can be set-up on empty additional adapter plates while the machine is running. Like other Datron machines, the M10 Pro is said to operate exceptionally quietly and the three-phase M10 Pro's award-winning running costs are quoted as less than £5 per day.