Kaltenbach has installed five sawing systems at Tata Teesside, giving the facility a total output capacity exceeding 170,000 tons per annum. The saws include two Kaltenbach KBS1301DG models, a smaller KBS1010DG model and a KBS620DG for lighter sections and material packs. Also installed in a bespoke building at the 40 acre site is a Kaltenbach HDM1432 Cold Saw for heavy section processing.

The Tata Steel Service Centre system boasts a 2.5m width capacity with six shotblasting turbines that achieve an average line speed of 3 metres per minute, cleaning to a SA2.5 standard. The eight-gun automatic primer coating line then paints the blasted materials using water-based paints.

These installations are backed up by a Planned Preventive Maintenance programme, delivered by Kaltenbach on a monthly basis and working jointly with Tata's own maintenance team. This includes comprehensive machine maintenance, online services and thermal image scanning of critical components to ensure maximum up-time and attainment of Tata's customer service targets.

Darren Hartley, Tata Steels Head of UK Operations at the facility in Teesside comments:

"The Teesside installation was complex, with time scales far shorter than any installation that Tata Steel or Kaltenbach have undertaken. The project was delivered on time, in budget and has continued to develop under the modernisation of the Kaltenbach after-sales care."

Other installations include the first new Kaltenbach KDM series drill to enter the UK, paired with the latest, high performance KBS1051DG Bandsaw. The KDM1015 features three drill axes, each equipped with 29.5 kW drill spindles, able to drill with HSS, carbide-tipped and solid carbide drills. The machine is also able to undertake contour marking and has milling functionality, thanks to the machine's rigidity, drive performance and material control via the Kaltenbach M151G material feed gripper.

Kaltenbach Ltd managing director Barry Rooney says: "It is very encouraging that not only have these orders been placed, the installations are right across the country including both Northern and Southern Ireland, where we also now work directly."

The German parent company is also holding its biannual 'International Partners in Steel' Exhibition at company headquarters in Loerrach, Germany from 9-12 June 2015.