Based in Norfolk, the company say that it will be working on new designs and components for next season's cars over the coming weeks as Formula One teams get their new cars ready for testing early in the new year. The parts created by Mussett for Formula One cars include suspension, wings and critical structural parts made from composite. Composites manager Brian Alexander explains: "Although the 2011 race season has only just finished, the teams will have been working on their cars for next year for several months and we now have orders for components for the new season. "This is always a busy time of year for us and we're working to tight deadlines. Lead times on these motorsport projects are very short, because the teams need to be able to get some miles into their new cars before the first race of the 2012 season in March." Mussett has an established reputation in the motorsport industry, and in recent years has produced both composite and metal components for a number of Formula One teams, including Lotus Renault, Virgin, Red Bull and Team Lotus. As well as working with Formula One teams, Mussett Engineering and Composites produces composite parts, including floors, dashboards and rear-impact strcutures, for Formula Two cars. Managing director, Gordon Mussett, adds: "For a long time, one of the key areas of our work has been automotive, and having composite and machining facilities on the same site means we have the advantage of being able to offer a full package to the teams and customers. "Being involved in such high profile sports creates a huge sense of satisfaction knowing that we've played a part in getting those cars to the start line."