The retirement of Kress from the Mapal executive board marks the end of an era.

His son, Dr Jochen Kress, has been appointed president of the Mapal Group since 1 January 2018 – keeping the company as a family-owned company.

Says Dr Dieter Kress: “It was naturally not easy for me to completely give up the responsibility for Mapal that I have borne for so long.

“I know that the company is in good hands with my son. He has taken over more and more responsibilities in the last few years and has proved to be very capable as my successor.”

Adds Dr Jochen Kress: “With Mapal, my father is handing over to me his life’s work that he has turned into what it is today over the last almost fifty years. I am very grateful for the faith he is placing in me. I am taking on my new duties with the greatest possible commitment and will continue to manage the company in my father’s spirit.”