The ST-15 offers 63.5mm bar capacity and a maximum cutting capacity of 356 by 406mm, with a swing of 40 mm over the cross-slide. It is equipped with a 210mm hydraulic three-jaw chuck and a 12-station BOT turret. The ST-15’s A2-6 spindle nose has an 88.9mm bore, while the 15kW vector dual-drive spindle turns to 4,000rpm and provides 203Nm of torque.

The DM-2 is a small-footprint, high-speed drill/mill centre with a 40-taper spindle. The machine has a 711 x 406 x 394mm work cube and a 864 x 381mm T-slot table. The 40-taper inline direct-drive spindle turns to 15,000rpm, and allows high-speed rigid tapping, with up to four times retract speed.

The DM-2 provides cutting feedrates to 30.5m/min for high-speed milling, and the machine’s 18+1 side-mount tool changer swaps tools quickly to reduce non-cutting time. High-speed 61.0m/min rapids combine with high acceleration rates to shorten cycle times and increase throughput.

The new machines will be put through their paces with live cutting demonstrations.