With eight useable edges per insert the A2780 milling inserts from WNT (UK) are helping to drive down the cost per edge for high performance 45 degree approach milling applications. More information on A2780 inserts can be found in the products section here. The positive edge geometry and chipbreaker designs of the A2790 inserts, with their six useable edges, reduce the stress on the machine spindle while improving productivity. Feedrates of up to 0.4 mm/tooth and 4 mm depth of cut are achievable. The ability to have six and eight useable edges on each insert is a benefit to WNT (UK)'s customers, as the cost per edge is dramatically reduced. "Many of our customers are using lower powered, smaller spindle, machine tools. In order to maximise their productivity and profitability, they need cutting tools that are capable of using every available horsepower, without putting the machine spindle at risk. In A2780 and A2790 inserts and cutters, they have that," says Adrian Fitts, business development manager, WNT (UK). Inserts for both systems are available in four grades, including three of the WNT Dragonskin grades, HCN 1235 for general purpose machining of steel, HCN 2235 for stainless steel, CWX 3215 for high speed machining of cast iron and the well established CWX 1225 for high speed machining of steel.