An accurate and powerful process, a water jet facilitates the cutting of a wide range of materials and thicknesses. Offering a rapid transition from drawing to finished part, the benefits are many and varied. High accuracy and edge finish often eliminates the need for secondary cutting in the majority of applications. Water jet cutting is a cold process, meaning that there are no heat effected zones, hardened material or material stresses. A clean accurate burr-free finish often eliminates the need for secondary surface finishing. The process also leads to small diameter highly accurate kerfs, ensuring that the clean finished products can be manufactured in a way that might not be possible with other processes. As well as being ideal for both short and long production runs, water jet cutting also means that prototypes for products, still in development, are quickly and easily created. Kerf's team of engineers boast many years of experience and that, coupled with a meticulous approach, sees time taken to carefully assess your needs before making only the best recommendations regarding the most appropriate piece of machinery for the job in hand. From small entry level machines through to large format multi-head machines there will be a product within the Kerf range that meets the customer's requirements. Kerf takes great pride in its ability to not only recognise which machine configuration would be suitable for particular applications but also in exceptionally high standards of customer service.