MacCool MP compares extremely well with other metalworking fluids. It is a modern, long life coolant suitable for use on a wide range of materials from aluminium alloys through steels to aerospace alloys. It can be used on both manual and CNC machines and is perfect for high pressure coolant systems and soft water areas due to it's low foaming properties. MacCool MP is a semi translucent cutting fluid with a 50 per cent oil content for good corrosion control. The tight micro emulsion also enables it to be used for grinding thus minimising the number of coolants required in the machine shop. Synthetic lubricity enhancers ensure excellent tool life and surface finishes. It is chlorine free, sulphur free, triazine biocide free and sodium nitrite free. Even with all these benefits MacCool MP is available at a very competitive price from MacInnes Tooling, in both 25 and 205 litre containers.