With an extensive list of dedicated distributors, the GapGun is a truly class leading product, with the best ergonomics, repeatability and data handling capabilities in the world. As its name might suggest, the GapGun is designed to measure gaps. But that is just the beginning of its measurement capabilities. The GapGun can measure gap and flush (also known as step or mismatch) simultaneously, along with other features such as height, width, radius, weld profile, scratches, rivets, chamfers and much more! The GapGun uses laser triangulation to quickly measure components and instantly report conformance and non-conformance, automatically logging data for full traceability of inspections. With a rugged design and a simple to understand interface delivered on a large, colour touch screen, the GapGun can be easily used on the shop floor to provide operators with instant feedback on the nature of manufactured components. With full robot compatibility available, the GapGun can also be specified as a fully automated shop floor solution increasing cycle times even further while reducing inspection labour overhead. Available with a range of configurations, including an array of measurement sensors, real world performance of up to 10 µm can be achieved in a portable, easy to use, yet extremely powerful measurement system.