Fenn Tool are looking forward to achieve even greater success during this next phase of their business development. Fenn Tool are keen to help re-establish, with pride, the label "MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN" and with this in mind will be launching the New FETOGA Carbide Milling Catalogue. The catalogue will include their new range of tooling, such as more improved geometries for cutting aluminum, stainless steels and other exotic materials. This coupled with new advancements in PVD coating will help the customer achieve even greater results with the FETOGA range of carbide cutters. The catalogue will also feature their new Aluminum Series 3 Flute Slot Drill, with and without corner radius, for the first time. This tool has been developed with deep gullets, enabling increased feed rates over conventional cutters. The multi-facet end geometry complete with a positive end gash enables precise plunging capabilities. Also featured in the catalogue will be the new series of 4 Flute Variable Index Endmills suited for exotic alloys such as Inconel's, Nimonic's and titanium's, and comes coated, as standard, using the very latest PVD technology. With two roughing teeth and two finishing teeth, roughing feed rates can be enjoyed while a good surface finish will remain. The tool also benefits from a small strengthening corner radius. These are just a few of the new and innovative cutters available from Fenn Tool.