All these developments will ensure that FeatureCAM retains the leadership in programming speed and ease of use it has held since its launch in 1995, when it was the world's first feature-based programming system. As the first release to support 64-bit hardware, FeatureCAM 2011 will be faster than any previous version. 64-bit technology removes the memory limitations of 32-bit computers so allowing more efficient toolpath generation, especially for companies machining large or complex parts. User productivity has also been increased by extending the use of the latest multi-threading technologies available in recent hardware. In addition, improved memory management within the software further reduces calculation times, with the greatest benefits again coming when programming larger or more complex components. Support for the use of stock models is being added progressively, starting with Z-level roughing operations. The software eliminates air cutting much more easily than other methods, saving programming time, and generates more efficient toolpaths to reduce machining times significantly. Details on the new release, plus the option to download a trial version, can be found in the FeatureCAM 2011 learning zone at the link below.