3DX-Ray's X-line allows measuring or checking the position and alignment of a component inside another component. What’s more it can measure the component in full 3D, to an accuracy of 100 µm – even when the product is moving past on a conveyor belt at speeds in excess of an item every second! X-line hardware uses the 3DX-Ray's novel and innovative dual x-ray sensor array to capture stereoscopic images (just like human vision). The software takes this data and builds it into a real-time 3D database simulation, which can then be analysed with the dedicated image processing, automatic image identification and QC routines. This can then be sent on to a standard QC or SPC system if required. X-Line software runs on a standard PC and can be customised for individual applications. Unlike conventional x-ray systems, X-Line’s use of dual frequency detectors, which enable it to discriminate between materials such as organic and inorganic. This is coupled with an ability to measure relative positions and boundaries very accurately- which allows it to separate the different components, even when you have close-fit plastic components inside a plastic or metal casing.