The Tendo precision toolholder programme uses hydraulic expansion technology that offers tool clamping for almost every shank diameter and machine tool spindle interface available. Applicable for all fields of metalcutting such as milling, drilling and reaming, the programme also encompasses hydraulic expansion chucks for tool-sharpening. The Tendo hydraulic expansion chucks have true-running accuracy and repeatability of 0.003 mm. And with a 25° angle at the chuck nose, grinding wheels can run out without interference. High clamping forces ensure safe clamping of the tool – even with shallow clamping depths and high metal removal rates. And long shank tools can also be safely and securely clamped, losing the toolshank in the clearance area in the bore of the toolholder behind the clamping area. Tribos tool extensions can be combined with Tendo tool sharpening chucks with the slenderness of this combination opening up new possibilities for tool sharpening. Both systems, either alone or combined are dirt-proof and are protected against the ingress of grinding dust. The flexibility of the Tendo Tool sharpening chucks can be increased by using intermediate sleeves. By using intermediate sleeves, one chuck can be used for clamping various tool shank diameters. The tool shank can be clamped in the chuck with an Allen key via manual actuation ensuring no additional devices are required for tool clamping. As an option to the manual actuation, pressure actuated tool sharpening chucks are also available. Together with a gripping system from Schunk for automatic tool changes, tool sharpening chucks are also suitable for fully automated systems. Beside the conventional interfaces for toolholders (HSK / hollow shaft tapers and SK / steep tapers) there are also other interfaces available to suit the Tendo tool sharpening chucks. These include MK/morse tapers or adjustable flange mountings; there is a toolholder for almost every customised solution.