With a 10 mm light band and detection resolution down to 0.2 mm, the OL1 is said to be a versatile and stable performer at short ranges, small tolerances and for handling thin materials. According to Sick, the optical micrometer can support precision applications in paper, printing and packaging machines, as well as wire and metal-forming machines.

The Sick OL1 is a sender and receiver in twin miniature (61 x 21 x 10 mm) yet rugged metal housings. A Class 1 laser parallel light curtain is emitted, which is captured by the receiver on a high-resolution CMOS chip, with any object in between registering as a precisely measured shadow.

Alignment is said to be simple using the integrated LED alignment aid at the sensor head. Furthermore, commissioning and integration with machine controls is quick and easy, via the display configuration with individual configuration and calculation through the AOD1 evaluation unit. The AOD1 displacement evaluation unit functionality enables simple interfacing with machine and SCADA factory control systems.