The Opticline T3D gauging system is designed to be used directly on the shop floor, right next to CNC machines, but can also be used in inspection laboratories. Accuracies of 1 micron are guaranteed, and the system is tested to meet EN ISO 10360 standards. Opticline T3D also offers major speed benefits, as it can reduce the time to measure parts from hours or minutes, to just seconds, says the company.

Tolaris measurement interface software for use on the platform is said to be intuitive and user-friendly with features that make programming, operation and reporting straightforward. For example, the software includes wizards for set up and a live mode for direct feedback when creating test plans. Manufacturers can also benefit from fast and reliable analysis of results and customisable reports. Alongside the in-built wizard, Sempre offers training packages for all levels of operator.

“Small features, like chamfers and radii, have historically been hard to measure,” explains Mike John, managing director of Sempre Group. “Opticline measures these difficult features at sub-micron level, directly on the shop floor. The new T3D probe adds the ability to measure internal dimensions, meaning just one system is needed for a comprehensive measurement.

“Opticline users can realise time reductions of up to 40% per measurement,” adds John. “Users benefit from rapid, accurate optical shaft measurement with the flexibility of a CMM. Metrology can be done rapidly and in-line as part of the production process, putting quality front and centre.”

The Opticline T3D is suited to applications in aerospace, including drive shafts, engine components and bearing parts. The system can also serve the automotive sector, for applications such as engine components, gear parts and chassis, while medical manufacturers can use it for joint implants, dental parts and surgical tools.

According to Sempre, the machine is designed to last the test of time and offers reliable performance for up to 20 years after purchase. The Opticline T3D carries its own reference standards and temperature monitoring system to further improve measurement reliability.