The partnership between workholding specialist Schunk and Vision & Control has produced a development of the latter’s Camat product series, the Intelligent Vision Sensor SRV. The SRV is a complete system that can be used without additional peripheral devices for practically all tasks in industrial image processing. The SRV can perform assembly and feature checks, recognise damage on edges, detect the position of fastenings and labels, and sort and remove defective components. In pick and place applications, it ensures that parts in all kinds of rotary positions and even limp objects such as cables and hoses are safely gripped. In addition to the camera and lens, the compact housing of the SRV accommodates LEDs and an evaluation unit with all the necessary software and interfaces. The SRV’s sensor offers a high resolution of 720 by 480 pixels (W VGA) and a frame rate of 60 fps. There is a choice of three operating distances (150, 300 or 450 mm), each with different frame sizes (76 by 48, 117 by 72 or 129 by 81 mm). Depending on requirements, lights in three different colours (red, blue, NIR) are available that can operate either as a pulse or continuously. Backlight applications are another possible option.