The Rota THW Vario chuck is a new concept that enables a 3-jaw lathe chuck to be equipped with a collet chuck or an expansion arbour, with the chuck always remaining mounted to the machine spindle to save valuable time during the set-up changeover to alternate clamping units. The Rota THW Vario allows customers to profit from the possibility of combining a quick-change lathe jaw chuck with an expansion arbour or collet chuck. It is available with four different expansion arbour sizes and three collet chucks. This innovative workholding device gives the end user fast changeovers via its quick-change jaw technology, modular centre sleeve and bayonet connection for either the expansion arbor or collet chuck, all contributing to significantly reduced set-up times. The Vario chuck has a high clamping force and a high TIR of 0.005 mm that delivers exceptional repeat accuracy. The optimum quick jaw change repeatability means that the re-machining of machined jaws is not always necessary. The Vario D expansion arbour is available with D0, D1, D2 and D3 expansion sleeves that can clamp workpieces from 20 to 80 mm. The four sizes of the expansion arbour make it available for clamping internal diameters from 20-28 mm, 26-38 mm, 36-54 mm and 50-80 mm. The arbours are capable of safely turning at up to 6,00 rpm and have a clamping force of up to 105kN. The Rota THW Vario has simple and fast changing segment bushings that contribute a high level of damping combined with extremely rigid clamping. Changing to the Vario collet chuck is also quick and easy. The collet chuck is available in F65-51, F80 and F100 designations and is available for holding external diameters from 4-65 mm, 5-80 mm and 16-100 mm respectively. This easily operated fast change system only consists of three components - the Vario F collet chuck, changing device and clamping head. The collet chuck guarantees a TIR of 0.01 mm and the maximum contact “wrap around” clamping enables the Vario collet system to clamp the smallest diameters whilst enabling sensitive clamping to avoid deformation of larger thin walled components. The F65-51 variation has a through bore of 51 mm to accommodate bar stock through the machine spindle thus enabling external turning, drilling, boring and internal turning operations on bar stock, sawn billet or second operation machining. The collets are well suited to round, square and hexagonal workpieces.