The range of Pferd industrial power wire brushes has been revised and extended with the introduction of two new, innovative, special-knot designs, developed in close co-operation with customers to address various, on-site surface finishing needs for diverse applications in industry and crafts. Called COMBITWIST® and SINGLETWIST® and incorporating manufacture out of steel INOX, brass and plastic, they are claimed to deliver much-improved, all-round performance not previously associated with conventional wire brushes. COMBITWIST® for use with angle grinders (pictured), features alternating left/right knotting of high-quality wire to reduce 'unravelling'. Results include smooth operation, even on edges and corners, no tool kickback on workpiece edges, greater material removal and increased tool life. SINGLETWIST® for use on use on straight grinders, is a flexible, single-twist knotted brush for use in hard to reach areas, i.e., angles and internal corners; is knotted against the direction of rotation to prevent spreading out and facilitates precise control over area to be worked.