Adaptive Balancer is a the next-generation system which supports better high precision turning of out-of-balance parts. Until now it was not possible to increase spindle speed when machining such items. Mori Seiki's Adaptive Balancer keeps vibration to a minimum by canceling out the imbalance in the workpiece with its own imbalance, allowing high-precision machining without reducing the spindle speed. * Works for a wide range of unbalance amounts. * Executes a balancing cycle while programs are running. * Balance adjustment amount: 36 gm * Required time for balance adjustments: 5 – 10 seconds. * Vibration is controlled automatically. * The spindle speed can be increased even during machining of workpieces with eccentric parts, achieving high-precision machining. Two rings are layered inside the system. These rings both have eccentric weights embedded in them, but since the weights are placed directly opposite each other, the balancer is kept neutral. When the spindle rotates at high speed, it vibrates if the workpiece has an eccentric part. When this happens, power is sent to the electromagnetic coil inside the stator, creating a magnetic field. This causes the permanent magnets (and the rings) to move. The position of the weights inside the moving rings creates unbalance in the balancer. If the unbalanced part of the balancer is placed exactly opposite the unbalanced part of the workpiece, the two forces will neutralize each other, achieving rotation with no vibration.