A proprietary blend of new vegetable-based technology and high levels of chlorine-free extreme pressure (EP) additives, TRIM E923 is reportedly robust enough to facilitate long tool life in some of the most difficult metal-cutting operations. The product achieves this performance while still providing the non-cutting characteristics expected from Master Fluid Solutions’ traditional emulsions.

“Our original brief for the development of this product came as a result of the customer investing in latest generation machining centres that, in the same set-up, could drill deep holes up to 1 m in depth with a diameter of 25 mm, and undertake standard machining,” explains Peter Blenkinsop, director of sales (Europe) at Master Fluid Solutions. “A lot of R&D time went into creating a formulation that could provide the necessary tool protection. Guide pads keep the drill in place, but without exceptional lubrication, they wear out quickly, resulting in very costly tool changes.”

TRIM E923 has since been used by another company for drilling 2 m deep holes of 10 mm diameter in steel, so it has clearly proved itself as a replacement for neat oil in tough applications. The optimised lubricity and EP package matches heavy-duty neat oils on difficult-to-machine materials such as Inconel, titanium, stainless steel and high-tensile strength steels, says the company.

Although coolant additives are commercially available to boost standard coolant performance, Master Fluid Solutions says that TRIM E923 is largely in a class of its own as a complete coolant package for harsh applications. The fluid has a long sump life and will run effectively without the need for costly additives. Also, as a latest-generation Master Fluid Solutions’ product, TRIM E923 is boron- and formaldehyde-free, and easily recyclable or disposed of without special handling or equipment.