HandyScan3D represents a major breakthrough in digital scanning technology, as it is the only self-positioning, hand-held laser scanner for digitising, reverse engineering and inspection applications. Until now, all other laser scanning systems have required fixed-position tripods, bulky mechanical measuring arms, a fixed bed CMM, or expensive external positioning devices such as a laser tracker. This severely restricts the measuring capabilities of the laser system, as multiple setups are required, involving masses of post-processing to connect together the separate scans. HandyScan3D: * Orientates itself directly from the target object, without the need for secondary external measuring devices; * Allows the user to move the target object during scanning; * Displays a real-time, on-screen surface image of the object being scanned; * Measures hard to reach surfaces without any problems at all; * Can scan large objects without the need for post-processing patches of data; * Is completely portable, with no need for external measuring equipment. These capabilities make HandyScan3D ideally suited for scanning complex surfaces and hard-to-reach areas eg car interiors. It captures data in one continuous scan, eliminating hours of post-processing time to compile and integrate static shots into one seamless scan.