The DYKEM range of high performance marking systems includes BRITE-MARK valve action paint markers, Heavy duty TEXPEN and DALO markers and the RINZ OFF temporary marker. BRITE-MARK is for smooth surfaces, offering a large paint capacity and valve action to prevent ink from drying in the barrel when the lid is off. Once applied, paint dries within 35 seconds and the bullet tips are replaceable to ensure complete paint usage by each marker. The quick drying, oil-based paint is ideal for indoor and outdoor use without chipping, fading or losing opacity. Heavy duty TEXPEN and DALO markers feature a stainless steel-ball tip to ensure there is no risk of tip wear even if when writing on rough concrete or rusty metal. Marking can be done at all angles and each marker will write through oil, grease and can also be used underwater. The RINZ OFF temporary marker does not require solvents for its removal; it can be removed simply from untreated metal surfaces using water. Some of the temporary markers feature a clip on cap and threaded barrel, enabling them to be screwed into a jig. ‘High Purity’ markers will mark stainless steel or any surface where degradation, contamination or other adverse effects are a concern whilst the ‘High Temp’ markers are ideal for marking on surfaces that are exposed to extreme temperatures (up to 1093°C). All the DYKEM products are available in a comprehensive range of colours and tip sizes.