The NC4 laser-based non-contact tool setter, designed specifically to be fitted to CNC machine tools, now sees a series of compact fixed systems added. The F95, F115 and F230 compact NC4 series, set new performance standards in a small package. The F95, F115 and F230 have measuring gaps of 23 mm, 55 mm and 170 mm respectively. Tools as small as 0.03 mm diameter can be measured and detected at any selected point along the beam and repeatability can be as low as ±0.1 micron Available as fixed or separate system variants, the NC4 incorporates the unique MicroHole protection system, as featured in all Renishaw non-contact products. Environmental protection is maintained 100 per cent of the time, even during measuring routines, and with no complicated moving parts, risk of machine downtime is minimised. In addition, the NC4 benefits from the innovative failsafe PassiveSeal which maintains IPX8 environmental protection rating, even if the air supply fails. In common with other models in the NC4 range, there is no focal point to identify, making installation quicker and easier.