Master Abrasives explains that in conventional abrasives individual grits are coated onto the backing cloth using mechanical or electrostatic coating. However, with siasphere structured abrasive, thanks to its de?ned spherical form (half spheres), a controlled contact surface is achieved, resulting in reproducible grinding processes. The constant decomposition of the structure continually releases fresh, sharp abrasive grain, achieving consistent grinding performance throughout the whole life of the product. Two versions will be offered to cover the various industry needs – 2970 siasphere, the more flexible of the two, is designed for extremely contoured surfaces and radii. The large grit range is used in the finishing industry. Siasphere 2971, with a slightly stiffer but still flexible backing, is particularly suitable for softly contoured surfaces on flat applications where higher performance for stock removal is required. Master Abrasives will be one of Swiss company Sia Abrasives' two strategic partners in the initial launch of siasphere, and will cater for precision Industry applications. Master Abrasives will convert the siasphere coated product at its bespoke 6,500 ft2 facility in Daventry where there is capacity to produce up to 750,000 belts per year on a single shift.