The diamond-coated solid carbide milling cutter with eight cutting edges is designed for the reliable machining of carbon fibre reinforced plastics. Due to a new high-performance substrate in combination with a reinforced core diameter, the fracture strength has been increased by 50%.

The optimised groove profile ensures fast, reliable removal of dust and process heat, even with extremely high machining volumes. The cutting-edge geometry has been optimised for the requirements of brittle materials. Overall, the tool life of the OptiMill-Composite-Speed-Plus is 20 percent higher than for the previous model. The unique face geometry with double point thinning also provides significantly improved plunging characteristics.

In particular, the significant increase in the fracture strength ensures a particularly high degree of process reliability during the machining of CFRP. As a result, the OptiMill-Composite-Speed-Plus is optimally suited to usage in the aerospace industry. Thanks to the high-performance teeth, it is possible to rough or finish in one machining step. High feeds and cutting speeds ensure particularly cost-effective machining.