The hand-applied lubricant Tri-Logic RTD is a viscous fluid containing extreme pressure (EP) additives for use in reaming, tapping, drilling and other metal-cutting operations. Tri-Logic RTD is suitable for all metals, including hardened steels, titanium, Nimonics and all grades of aluminium alloys, reducing friction to give high cutting performance. Despite the exponential uptake in CNC technology in the past 30 years, hand-applied liquids are as pertinent now as they have ever been, says the company.

Rocol’s marketing communications manager Shaun Heys says: “Whether manufacturers are adopting manual or CNC machining, RTD is still playing a critical role for engineers who are conscious of the quality and consistency of their hole-making and threading operations, as well as the performance and longevity of their cutting tools.

“Tri-Logic RTD can also be added to ordinary mineral cutting oil for severe cutting operations, such as broaching and gear cutting on tough metals. The RTD range contains technically advanced EP additives that significantly reduce friction at the cutting edge, giving superb performance. The incorporation of Tri-Logic RTD technology ensures the fluid will not contaminate existing cutting fluids in the machine sump and, in fact, enhances cutting performance further.”

Tri-Logic RTD has been developed with anti-microbial properties, so commonly-found coolant sump bacteria will not identify RTD Tri-Logic as a food source. This attribute in Tri-Logic RTD helps to reduce coolant degradation caused by excessive tramp oil. As a result, coolant life is prolonged, reducing fluid costs and minimising the potential for bacterial growth, and the associated health and skin conditions suffered by users of water-mix cutting fluids.

Furthermore, the medium viscosity Tri-Logic RTD has been developed with several EP additives that generate an 800 kg weld load resistance. For the end user, these additives are the primary reason that Rocol’s Tri-Logic RTD can outperform regular cutting fluids, reports the company.

Rocol Tri-Logic RTD is available in 350 ml, 5 litre and 20 litre quantities. Sulphur and chlorine-free versions of the fluid are also available.