GF Machining Solutions, the EDM, 3- and 5-axis milling, additive manufacturing (AM) and laser ablation machine tool manufacturing specialist, and automation and tooling systems solutions provider has introduced a new laser texturing machine into the market.

The AgieCharmilles LASER P 400U Femto Flexipulse, designed specifically for aesthetic and functional laser texturing, integrates a laser source that enables two different wavelengths to be used. The machine delivers high-accuracy and repeatable results and is primarily aimed at customers operating in the watch, jewellery, mould making and cutting tool industries, as well as other sectors where micro-machined components are required.

The laser source inside the LASER P 400 U allows the use of two different wavelengths, making it possible to machine complex parts exploiting (to the full) the machine’s 3- or 5-axis capabilities.

The LASER P 400U Femto Flexipulse is the first machine combining the use of a femtosecond laser with five-axis texturing capability. The texturing operation delivers completely burr free results and eliminates the need for post-treatment and secondary operations. The green wavelength, with its reduced spot size, is ideal for use with/on reflective materials such as copper, gold and nickel.

The machine’s modular design includes an integrated bi-laser solution that combines two laser beams for texturing and engraving the same surface.

The laser head’s versatility enables manufacturers to switch, quickly and seamlessly, from one beam to the other, helping to significantly reduce production processing times, and increasing the machine’s application potential to machine a multitude of materials from aluminium and steel through to graphite, glass, sapphires and polymers.

The latest version of GF Machining Solutions' GF Laser machine software brings additional intelligence and reliability to the laser texturing process. The company’s much-vaunted ‘Smartpatch’ technology improves texturing quality and process productivity, and the innovative 3D Map software allows the import and use of any 3D computer-aided design (CAD) for the seemingly unlimited reproduction of textures, forms and shapes.

The LASER P 400 U is a laser machine for production and for R&D.

With more than four million parameter combinations, the machine pushes the boundaries for the laser machining of metals, ceramics, polymers, glasses, etc.

With its user-friendly interface, the modification of the machining parameters i.e. power, pulse sequences, wavelengths, frequencies etc., are quickly achieved and increase the machine’s appeal and application potential.

The machine is also the centre-piece of an automated manufacturing cell developed by GF Machining Solutions in partnership with Crevoisier SA - the Swiss-based automation, polishing and grinding machine tool manufacturer.

To meet the growing requirements from manufacturers to improve their productivity, flexibility and efficiency - both companies have combined their collective machine tool and automation expertise to create a robot loading cell specifically designed for GF Machining Solutions’ laser texturing machines.

In addition to the LASER P 400 U the cell includes a compact, versatile and high-speed C-66 robot. The loading robot, with its user-friendly touchscreen interface, features a flexible palletising system, a double gripper and a part alignment and turnover station. Loading times (from robot to machine) are quick - typically less than 10 seconds.