Horn discusses each tool design with the user and offers recommendations for the process before a gear skiving tool is specially designed and manufactured for the application, the feasibility of which is verified on an individual basis prior to implementation.

The tool manufacturer's portfolio comprises a wide range of products for machining various gear tooth geometries from modules 0.5 to 30. Whether the project involves gear teeth for spur gears, shaft/hub connections, worm shafts, bevel gears, pinions or customised profiles, all can be manufactured cost-effectively with milling or broaching tools, while the gear skiving range is further testament to the Horn's gear tooth manufacturing expertise.

Gear skiving is a machining process that has been in use for over a century, but has only been incorporated into a wider range of applications since universal lathes and machining centres began to offer sufficiently accurate synchronisation of workpiece rotation with cutting tool movement, as well as process-optimised software.