Not only can Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) remove these issues with its high-quality range of cutting tools, but the Staffordshire manufacturer has now launched a new line of folding tools that have been developed specifically for mineral core ACM.

The Mineral Core ACM folding tool that has now been introduced by ITC is manufactured from a micro-grain solid carbide that provides exceptional wear resistance.

Added to this, the Tamworth cutting tool experts have added the new Vitreo coating technology to further extend cutting-edge performance, dissipate heat generation from the cutting area and improve wear resistance when cutting mineral core ACM.

Complementing the solid carbide composition and the Vitreo coating technology is a specially developed helical flute geometry with the choice of either a 90° or 135° inclusive angle.

Capable of typically folding mineral core ACM up to 4mm thick, the new introduction to the ITC portfolio is available in two sizes. This includes a 10mm tool with an inclusive angle of 90°, a 3mm wide flat and an overall length of 70mm. The larger diameter tool has a 20mm diameter with a 135° inclusive angle and a 2mm flat with an overall tool length of 60mm.

These optimised dimensions provide exceptional rigidity and stability that enables end-users to cut mineral core ACM at high feeds and speeds with confidence. For further information on the new mineral core ACM folding tools, please contact your local ITC representative.