The 4204 Series is a long series four-flute end-mill for deep cavity and profile machining of aluminium. The new series is available in diameters that include 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 mm, with a length of cut from 35 to 80 mm.

The 6 to 12 mm diameter tools are available in an overall length of 100 mm and the 16 and 20 mm cutters have a long-reach length of 150 mm. Despite this deep reach potential, the R&D engineers have exceeded the performance of previous product lines, in terms of stability and rigidity.

With ITC’s new chip breaker technology, strengthened core diameter and ITC’s cutting-edge geometry design, the new 4204 Series guarantees exceptional material removal rates, especially when cutting ‘difficult to reach’ surfaces. Furthermore, the centre cutting geometry makes this new series perfect for trochoidal machining and plunging into deep cavities.