IEMCA’s Automata 2.5 integrated gantry system for automatically feeding, unloading and storing bulk components boosts the productivity of a wide range of CNC manufacturing equipment, including lathes, grinders, rolling equipment and machining centres. With a standard load/unload cycle time of just seven seconds, the loader offers positional repeatability of ± 0.1mm and will accommodate unmachined parts weighing up to 2.5 kg as standard. A 5 kg component option is also available. The Automata 2.5 incorporates accurate, PLC-controlled component location and easy-to-learn, intuitive controls. It also features a standard retooling time of seven minutes – making it the ideal solution for busy machine shops with short production runs. The system measures 1400 mm (L) x 1800 mm (W) x 2600 mm (H) and is physically isolated from the machine tool it services, eliminating the transmission of mechanical vibration and maintaining access to the machine’s doors. The Automata 2.5 is supplied network-ready for fast and simple installation and is equipped with remote diagnostics and on-line software updates. The use of high capacity palletisers or stackers with the gantry system allows working with unsupervised lathes and enables a number of machine tools to be controlled by a single operator, significantly increasing productivity.