The TVM series includes the TVM20 and TVM35, with FOV sizes of 20 and 35 mm respectively. Both systems are designed to meet rigorous quality assurance applications in automotive, aerospace, medical and plastics manufacturing. Cylindrical, flat or square components can be measured instantly within the FOV at the click of a mouse.

As with other measurement and inspection systems from Vision Engineering, TVM systems can be configured to suit specific applications, including small pressed components, turned parts, injection moulded plastics, tubes and cables, while the addition of a manually controlled stage extends measurement for larger components up to 200 x 100 mm.

The combination of TVM’s flat-field telecentric lens and collimated sub-stage lighting, featuring a newly developed quadrant LED ring light, creates a sharp image of components on the HD monitor, and significantly improves the video edge detection of complex parts such as threads and valves.

TVM’s user-friendly software comprises a suite of features that includes simple data import/export, image stitching and reporting facilities.

The TVM20 and TVM35 are manufactured in the UK at Vision Engineering’s global headquarters.