Among the newly developed features is PDF import functionality, so programmers and operators can directly import vector-based PDF files such as engineering drawings or specification sheets. This enhancement eliminates the need for separate DXF and DWG files, thus making the importing of parts and job quoting easier and faster.

Also introduced are scribe texts that make it possible to automatically mark parts during import with unique identifying information, such as a part name, customer name or work order number.

Further newly developed capability includes the potential to reposition work zones, therefore allowing parts to span multiple work zones in a single nest.

“These feature additions incorporate feedback directly from our customer base, providing users with the specific tools they need to increase both productivity and profitability,” says Tom Stillwell, marketing project manager for Hypertherm CADCAM software products. “At the same time, the software remains easy to use with a highly intuitive user interface that benefits both new and experienced users.”

Hypertherm is also revealing several major improvements to its ProNest LT software, designed for light industrial cutting. Features being added include: cutting techniques used to specify how parts should be cut based on sections of a part’s geometry; and the ability to automatically disable automatic height control based on certain parameters such as interior profile size, crop cuts, skeleton cuts or lead-outs.